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Parent Testimonials about Early Learning Center - Start of Entry.I have been very fortunate to have my two young sons in Fran Robert’s Early Learning Center over the past three years. My older son, TJ, is in Kindergarten, doing extremely well thanks to the great foundation he received through Miss Fran’s program. While in attendance for two years, TJ gained more than just the academic preparation he needed to be successful in kindergarten. As a young three year old he would come home and talk to me about responsibility, respect, and being loving and kind to others. These are characteristics he still applies today thanks to Miss Fran.

My younger son, Jack, is currently attending the Early Learning Center. Over the past 8 months I have seen amazing changes in him, Jack entered Miss Fran’s program with some developmental and sensory issues. Miss Fran welcomed him with open arms and has given him the one-to-one attention he needs. She has an amazing way of getting all the children in the class involved when one student needs help with something. The entire class will cheer Jack on through a difficult task, giving him the encouragement he needs. Jack is now following the class routine socializing with the other children, writing his name, and cutting with scissors. His fine motor skills have improved dramatically over the past few months. Jack also was an extremely picky eater before starting Miss Fran’s program. Through her firm but loving ways, he is now eating a large variety of foods, both at school and at home. I cannot say enough about how far he has come.

As an educator, I have spent time in many early childhood classrooms. Never have I seen one that offers all that Miss Fran’s does. The children truly become a family, helping each other, caring for each other, encouraging each other. I am very impressed with this program and highly recommend it to other families.

-- Beth

Parent Testimonials about Early Learning Center - Start of Entry.I’m so pleased that my son, Brandon, was a student at the Early Learning Center with Miss Fran. She and her staff do such an exceptional job at making learning fun. I don’t think the kids even realize how much they’re learning because to them it’s all fun and excitement! I remember Brandon coming home from Miss Fran’s class one day singling “America The Beautiful”, and I was amazed! I was even more surprised the day he come home and told me how to make an apple pie! I truly believe the kids in Miss Fran’s Pre-K classes are exceptionally prepared to begin kindergarten and, indeed, continue their love

Shortly after beginning kindergarten, Brandon was deemed to be a “gifted” student. Today he is in the 2nd grade gifted program at Addison Mizner Elementary. I have no doubt that a lot of Miss Fran’s students end up in such programs because of what she teaches them in those very important early years. The kids “graduate” and can make an easy transition to kindergarten in an environment that is already familiar to them. Furthermore, the kindergarten teachers know that kids from Miss Fran’s center are well-prepared for their elementary school years.

-- Denean

Parent Testimonials about Early Learning Center - Start of Entry.It is with great pleasure that I write of my personal and professional association with Ms. Fran Robert. I have known Ms. Robert for over nineteen years. While working together at J. C. Mitchell Elementary, my own children had the good fortune to be in her care as an After School counselor and director. “Ms. Fran” was an important person in my children’s elementary experience She taught them many things and cared for them even more.

Most recently, Ms Robert has been the Early Childhood Director and Teacher for the last eighteen years. I have always been impressed by how much enthusiasm she has when teaching the three, four and five year olds in this program. Ms. Robert has a loving, positive attitude when working with these children and their parents.

Professionally, I see the results of Ms. Robert’s wonderful program as many of her students come to my kindergarten classroom with excellent social and academic experiences. Ms. Robert’s pre-kindergarten children are among my best students, who score above average in reading and math skills.

Ms. Robert is not only an asset to the Early Childhood program but to our school as a whole. For many years, she has directed a successful talent show, organized the entire school’s class pictures, and been responsible for all aspects of the school’s yearbook. Ms Fran Robert is a dedicated professional who always works in the best interest of children.

-- Mary

Parent Testimonials about Early Learning Center - Start of Entry.I enrolled my son, John Sweet, in Ms. Fran’s Early Learning Center program when he was 3 years old. He stayed in her program until he entered kindergarten at J.C. Mitchell. Before I continue, I would like to summarize that if there are such things as miracles, discovering this program for my son is as close to a miracle as you can get.

John started in the program at a time that I was personally at an all time emotional and financial low as a single mother with 3 children. John’s behavior reflected a troubled boy. He acted out his frustrations in violent manner which included hitting his teachers. I needed Ms. Fran and Ms. Gwen and their staff’s “no tolerance” approach. With their patience and tough love, John evolved into a calmer, happier, kinder, gentler, respectful, eager child. These behaviors have continued to follow him to this day where he is in the 5th grade at J. C. Mitchell.

When he graduated to kindergarten, Ms. Fran and I looked at each other with tears in our eyes because we knew that as a “village” we had saved a child from having a troubled youth. To this day when I see her and Ms. Gwen there is that unspoken acknowledgement of what we collectively did with this VERY special boy. He has excelled in his studies and has been recognized with citizenship awards numerous times as well. John developed friendships with a number of other students that attended Ms. Fran’s program that have continued to this day. Their parents may not have had such a HUGE impact on their lives as I did with Ms. Fran’s program, but each and every one of them holds her and her staff and the program in the highest regard. The responsibilities and academic skills that they teach in their program is EXCELLENT ground work for entering kindergarten and made that transition effortless.

I hold a VERY special place in my heart for Ms. Fran and Ms. Gwen and will forever. John feels the same way and when he sees them always greets them with a hug. He is old enough now that I have been able to tell him stories and for him to remember just how far he has come. I’m truly NOT sure how I would have gotten to this point with them…. Maybe it was a miracle.

-- Rebecca

Parent Testimonials about Early Learning Center - Start of Entry.As an educator, I understand the importance of Kindergarten readiness. Ms. Fran prepares these children with the academic and social skills, as well as the confidence they need, in order to succeed with our demanding FCAT-driven curriculum, not to mention peer relations. I have spoken to several teachers who are currently teaching Ms. Fran’s graduates and they all agree they are much more advanced academically and socially.

As a parent, I feel so grateful to have a program like hers to help Bryan and me through these challenging pre-school years. Noah is thriving and learning things that some of my own students in my classroom don’t yet understand. I am constantly boasting about what a wonderful decision we made by sending him there.

-- Kellee

Parent Testimonials about Early Learning Center - Start of Entry.I am writing this letter to express my thoughts about the Early Learning Center run by Miss Fran and her staff.

When my daughter was three years old, my husband and I had decided that she needed to be interacting with children more. We were lucky to have a caring, adoring grandmother to watch over her when I returned to work, but there were no children around to play and interact with. The decision to send our daughter to preschool seemed overwhelming at first. Who could we trust, better than grandma, to watch over our precious three year old?

However, this feeling did not last long for I had the good fortune of working on the same faculty as Miss Fran. I began watching Miss Fran, her Staff, and her students interact and my fears and anxieties soon disappeared.

Upon entering the Early Learning Center you couldn’t help but sense the warm, loving atmosphere that existed between the students and all the adults in the room. Her room was inviting and friendly. The buzzing sound you heard throughout was the sound of happy children interacting, playing and…learning. Without hesitation, I knew this was the place for my daughter.

Spending two very important and impressionable years at the Early Learning Center helped to instill a love for learning is not only my first child, but my second child as well. I hoped and prayed when my second child was born that Miss Fran and Miss Gwen would still be working their magic at the Early Learning Center. When the day came to enroll him in preschool, there were never any hesitations or worries. I knew my son would be in great hands.

Both my children entered kindergarten with a solid foundation and an eagerness to learn. They are both full of confidence and take challenges in stride. Moreover, they have fond memories of their earliest school days; activities they engaged in, friends that they made, the love that they felt. I could not have placed them in a better place.

-- Mary

Parent Testimonials about Early Learning Center - Start of Entry.I am writing his letter in support of Miss Fran Robert. I have had the opportunity to see the benefits of this program from two perspectives. I am a Kindergarten Teacher as well as a Parent. As a Kindergarten Teacher, I have had the pleasure of having several students from this program in my Kindergarten classes. These students are well adjusted, and well prepared for Kindergarten. Miss Fran and her staff provide a structured program that meets the needs of every child and helps them reach their full potential. They provide a nurturing environment as well as a strong academic foundation that is developmentally appropriate. Many of the students that graduate from Miss Fran’s program are among the highest functioning students in my Kindergarten class. These students enter my classroom socially, emotionally, physically and academically ready for Kindergarten. As a parent, of two children, that have graduated the Early Learning Center, I can honestly say that my children looked forward to attending school every day. It put my mind at ease, knowing that my children were in a safe, happy, enriching environment, where I knew they could thrive. Miss Fran and her staff make learning fun through their many thematic units of study and exciting hands on approach to learning. It is my belief that the Early Learning Center has been a true asset in our community. It has had a positive impact on the lives of many students and families.

-- Catharine

Parent Testimonials about Early Learning Center - Start of Entry.I've read a few of the testimonials people have written about Miss Fran and I can say I agree with everything they say wholeheartedly. I am not an educator nor have ever been in the education field but I do have two children who, as with most people, are my number one priority. I heard about Miss Fran about 5 1/2 years ago when I was looking for a Pre-K program for my oldest son. I searched high and low for a program that offered that extra something, a place where my child could thrive and learn and have fun, a place I could feel secure and comfortable for him and for our family - well, I found it. He was with Miss Fran's program for three years. He is now in 2nd grade and has confidence in himself, in his knowledge of things and life and has the curiosity to want to learn more. Oh, and not to mention that he loves to read - I mean he loves to read!!!

My younger son has now been with Miss Fran for 2 years and is on the same track. He has a very different personality - their program has adapted to him and his needs. He will be with her program through the summer and then off to Kindergarten. I feel so confident that he will have the tools necessary to have success throughout the coming years. He loves her program. Usually when I pick him up he wants to stay longer to play with his friends.

I can not praise Miss Fran and her staff enough for the love, patience and devotion they express to the kids. They say that there are a few people that can affect our lives and to whom we will forever be in debt for what they have given us - I know that Miss Fran, and her staff, will be in that group for our family. She has given my children an invaluable foundation for a life plan.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts !!

-- Victoria

Parent Testimonials about Early Learning Center - Start of Entry.My daughter, Adrianna, was born severely hearing impaired. Adrianna attended Miss Fran's class at JC Mitchell, where she was able to receive her IEP program. Adrianna underwent 2 surgeries and received extensive speech therapy. We followed Miss Fran to Boca Raton Charter School, where her learning just took off. Miss Fran and her loving staff made every day a wonderful experience for my child. I must note that one of Adrianna's favorite activities was planting the fruit, flower and vegetable gardens in the springtime. The children were so proud. They got to water and take care of the garden until they saw it come into full bloom. I actually had to go out and buy a Topsey Turvey Tomato tree so we can carry on the tradition at our home.

My favorite are the concerts the staff and children put on. There is never a dry eye in the house. Adrianna's hearing is fine now. The biggest accomplishment we owe to Miss Fran and her staff, is that Adrianna is in Kindergarten now and reads on a 2nd grade level. Her writing is worlds above the other children's. With this, last week she was tested for gifted. The foundation established through Miss Fran's teaching has put my child at the head of her class and given her tools and thirst to want to learn more. We love you Miss Fran.

-- Lee-Anne

Parent Testimonials about Early Learning Center - Start of Entry.We have been with Miss Fran for 2 years now. When my son started with Miss Fran I transferred him from another preschool in order to keep both my kids in the same school. At the other school he would cry from the minute I dropped him off until the time that I picked him up. When he started at the ELC it was different, he actually wanted to go to school and could not wait for the next day to go back, he loves her program. It was then that I realized what every other preschool was lacking in terms of curriculum, staff and overall experience.

We have been very lucky to be able to experience the "Miss Fran experience", especially when my 5 year old comes home and teaches my 6 year old stuff that he learned with Miss Fran. I am both sad and excited to say that we are graduating this year and moving forward, but I am confident to say that he will be well prepared.

We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Miss Fran and her awesome staff for doing such a great job.

-- Irin

Parent Testimonials about Early Learning Center - Start of Entry.I had the amazing opportunity to attend Ms. Fran's Moving Up Ceremony in Spring 2009. I must tell you, I sat next to a woman, and she and I could not stop gasping at the feats that the children displayed. Each child recited a poem, they sang collectively and danced and put on quite a show! Each child who moved up to Kindergarten explained what he or she had learned. They told us about how they learned about seasons, cooking, telling time, reading, writing, sharing, caring, respect and love for each other, the bones in the body, science, history, different holidays, and...I can't even remember the rest. I took extensive video which I showed to everyone I knew for the next two months. No one could believe the videos! Most touching and inspiring was, after each child received his or her diploma, he or she gave Miss Fran (and each of the teachers) the biggest hug. We had tears in our eyes watching it.

I have become friends with Miss Fran, and EVERYWHERE we go, we run into former students who continue to show their adoration and respect for Miss Fran. At the Panthers' games, at the Mall, at numerous restaurants, in various positions and in various places throughout Broward and Palm Beach County, wherever we go, we run into her former students and their families. What is especially surprising is that Miss Fran knows all the children (many of them now adults) and even remembers their names!!! How is that possible??? These are students that she taught over 20 years ago, yet they remember and recognize her, AND she remembers them, their parents, their brothers and sisters....it's almost impossible to believe.

Now these students are getting married and having children, and Miss Fran has the pleasure and honor of teaching THEIR children (because they all want Miss Fran to teach their children). Which says alot. If, at 22 years of age, you can remember your preschool teacher by name, and recognize her in public, that's surely says volumes about what an amazing teacher, and person, that Miss Fran is. I encourage you to stop in, check out the school, and bring your children. You won't be disappointed. And your children will have a terrific experience that they will value and cherish for the rest of their lives.

-- Erica

Parent Testimonials about Early Learning Center - Start of Entry.Miss Fran has enriched my two children through her program for the last three years. Once my oldest child “graduated” from Miss Fran’s Early Learning Center, there was no doubt that we were enrolling our second son. As educators (my wife teaches 5th grade in Palm Beach County and I am a District Administrator in Palm Beach County) we have extremely high standards for our children and especially the academia they are challenged with. Miss Fran more than prepared our son for kindergarten; he was “kindergarten-ready” in that key skills and knowledge were learned and mastered by Miss Fran’s program. The curriculum that she uses is challenging, rigorous, and purposeful. More importantly, with Miss Fran’s instruction and classroom facilitation, the curriculum becomes empowered and illustrated by her numerous years (add the number!!!!) of education and experience.

There is no question, no doubt, and nothing but raves about Miss Fran’s Early Learning Center and not only have we been pleased with it, we endorse it.

-- Mathew & Alicia

Parent Testimonials about Early Learning Center - Start of Entry.I have had the pleasure of knowing Miss Fran for many years. A friend recommended her program at a local school when I was searching for the right placement for my son. THANK GOD I found FRAN! She was able to connect with him on every level and really TAUGHT him. He was caught up by the end of the year and has gone on to be a very good student. Fran's approach to learning is from a very loving place. She really "gets" these kids.

Needless to say, my son is now 14 and if we still lived in the area, my younger children would have attended her program as well. I will always recommend Miss Fran's program as it has very much impacted our lives.

Thank you Miss Fran!

-- Kris


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