Miss Fran’s ELC daily schedule and curriculum are structured with a centered and thematic approach to learning.

Daily activities are planned and geared toward the developmental level of the children with an emphasis on language and socialization skills. The activities build self confidence and enhance vocabulary skills to help children become life-long learners. The program uses The Rowland Reading Program “Super Kids” for VPK children. The thematic approach, presented in a planned curriculum of activities, broadens the children’s experiential base and allows for discovery learning. Thematic topics are chosen for their high interest to preschool children.

Centers are arranged around the room and include: reading, listening and language arts; math and science center; housekeeping/daily living; art and fine motor; manipulative games and puzzles; block play; computer; and dramatic play.


Every Monday, please send in a backpack with: two covers (ex: crib sheet, blankets), a small pillow and a change of clothes to keep at school. Every Friday we will send home the backpack with your child’s work folder and covers for washing. Please return backpack to school on Mondays. Children must bring in a lunch daily. Please label lunch box/bag with child’s name. Children will need a folder for their work; VPK children will need two folders.

Monthly Calendar:

At the beginning of each month we send home a monthly calendar with weekly/monthly themes, dates for show & tell, book orders and other activities/events. Please hang the calendar somewhere so that you and your child can look at it daily.

Show & Tell:

Show & Tell days are stated on the monthly calendar. This is the only day that students are allowed to bring toys to school.

Pizza Day:

Every Friday is pizza day. The cost is $3.00 and includes a drink, fruit and a side. Money and pizza form must be turned in by 9am each Friday.

Early Learning Center Monthly Themes:

AUGUST Welcome to School! Rules/Consequences/Rewards, Manners, All About Me, Review of Prior Knowledge - Alphabet, Numbers, Colors, Shapes
SEPTEMBER Autumn is a Colorful Time!  Trees, Leaves, Apples, Feelings/Emotions/Character, Community Helpers, Fire Prevention, Color - Red, Shape - Circle, On/Off, Left/Right, Letters of the Week - ABCD
OCTOBER Pumpkin Fun/It's Harvest Time!  Halloween, Pumpkins, Real or Pretend, Small/Medium/Large, Owls, Bats, Skeleton of Your Body, Christopher Columbus, Sink/Float, Color - Orange, Letters of the Week  - EFGH, Shape - Octagon, stop/go, slow/fast
NOVEMBER I Am Grateful/Thanksgiving!  Family, Pilgrims, Indians, Turkey, Being Thankful, Color - Brown, Letters of the Week  - IJKL, Forward/ Backward, shape - Triangle
DECEMBER The Holidays are Here!  Christmas, Hanukkah, Color - Green, Open/Close, First/Next/Last, Sequencing, Shape - Square 
JANUARY It's Cold Out There!  New Year,  Winter, Snow, Snowman, Martin Luther King, Brotherhood/Friendship, Money, Shape - Rectangle, Hot/Cold, Melt/Freeze, More/Less, Color - White, Letters of the Week  MNOP
FEBRUARY All You Need is Love!  Valentine's Day, Love/Caring, Dental Health, Healthly Bodies, Four Food Groups, Five Senses, Color - Pink, Letters of the Week - QRST, Rhyming, Shape - Heart
MARCH What Grows in a Garden?  Planting, Spring, Weather, Seasons, Kites, Colors, Rainbows,  Shape - Diamond, Letters of the Week - UVWX, Color - Purple
APRIL Space, Planets and Stars!  Caterpillar and Butterflies, Backyard Insects and Animals, Bunnies and Chicks, Shape - Oval, Letters of the Week - YZ, Color - Yellow
MAY Farm, Zoo and Jungle Animals!  Animals Habitats, Mother's Day, Mother and Baby Animals, Transportation - People and Animals move in many different ways
JUNE Warm and Watery Days!  Summer, Ocean Animals, Summer Fun Water Days, Father's Day, Building Literacy, Color - Blue
JULY We Are Proud of Our Country!  Citizenship and Patriotism, Dinosaurs, Fossils, My Year at School, Review

Our Referral Program

Refer a parent/child to Miss Fran's Early Learning Center and you earn a free week!

**If you refer a parent and their child attends at least two months of school, you will receive one week free tuition.

Miss Fran’s Early Learning Center uses the Assertive Discipline system. This system teaches two basic concepts: Certain behaviors are undesirable and should be avoided and other behaviors are desirable and should be repeated.

The system consists of class and school rules, consequences and positive reinforcement. All classroom and school rules are posted in each classroom. Teachers review and discuss with children the rules,

Classroom/School Rules examples:


  • Be nice, kind and friendly to others
  • Respect yourself and others
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself
  • Listen to all teachers/staff
  • Follow directions
  • Walk in a line
  • Raise your hand and wait to be called on
Warnings and time out are given as consequences, with time out minutes determined by the child’s age (one minute per year of age).


This chart is per day:


  • 1st time rule broken = warning
  • 2nd time rule broken = time out
  • 3rd time rule broken = time out, note home to parents
  • 4th time rule broken = time out in Miss Fran’s Office and discussion with Miss Fran.
  • Repetitive rules broken or severe situation = child will be sent to Miss Fran’s Office and parent will be called.


Positive Reinforcement:


  • Verbal praise
  • Stickers/Stamps
  • King & Queen Award (with 10 awards child can pick from prize box)
  • Positive notes home
Kid following Miss Fran's Early Learning Center Computer Program.