Parents are a very important part of a child’s learning experiences.

You will receive a monthly calendar as well it will be posted on the website under your child’s class. This calendar will have all the monthly events and themes. Please post the calendar on the refrigerator or in the child’s room and go over it daily so you are both are aware of what is happening at the early learning center. Also, you can help by reinforcing the themes of the month.

The most important skill that your child needs for success in school and in life is to be literate. You can do many things to encourage literacy:

Read to your child every day. This can become a favorite time of day for a child and parent.

Suggestions for when you read together:

  • Show and discuss the cover – what does the child see.
  • Talk about the pictures in the book.
  • Ask questions.
  • Ask your child to guess what will happen next.
  • Encourage your child to retell their favorite part of the story.
  • Encourage “pretend” reading. This is when children look at the pictures and make up what they think the words say.

Encourage letter recognition. Preschool children can begin developing an interest in reading and phonics by making observations of how we use written language.

  • Point out letters in the environment, such as on cereal boxes, in your child’s name, on buildings or signs as you drive around town.
  • Find ways to help your child learn to match letters.
  • Play listening games. Have your child identify words that begin with the same sound or rhyme.

Provide language arts materials for your child.


  • Magnetic letters
  • Books – that interest your child and rhyming stories
  • Magazines, newspapers and catalogs
  • Paper, pencils, crayons, markers…encourage your child to make circles, lines, squiggles, shapes
  • CD’s of children’s music and recorded children’s stories

How many times have you asked a child when they got home from school – “What did you do today?” And the answer is “Nothing”!!!!

Instead of asking your child, bring up in a conversation a question about one of the themes or your experiences with one of the themes. Your child will more than likely start telling you all about what they did that day or learned about!

Referral Program

Refer a parent/child to Miss Fran's Early Learning Center and you earn a free week! If you refer a parent and their child attends at least two months of school, you will receive one week free tuition.