We are here to provide your children a superior child care and preschool experience, and give you that peace of mind of knowing that they are in the best hands possible.

Miss Fran’s Early Learning Center daily schedule and curriculum are structured with a centered and thematic approach to learning. Daily activities are geared toward the developmental level of the children with an emphasis on language and socialization skills. The activities build self confidence and enhance vocabulary skills to help children become life-long learners. The program uses The Rowland Reading Program “Super Kids” for VPK children.

Your Child's Joy and Safety

Our main goal is for your child to be happy and secure while away from his or her parents. We wish to keep your child safe and help maintain their good health. In addition, we hope to teach cooperation, sharing, and communication skills, as well as other preschool tasks through creative educational activities.

We teach your child how to love themselves and others

Our nurturing environment provides children with lots of love, intellectual challenges and the building blocks for high self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem is a child's armor against the challenges of the world. Kids who feel good about themselves seem to have an easier time handling conflicts and resisting negative pressures.

We believe in and utilize "Assertive Discipline"

Miss Fran’s Early Learning Center uses the Assertive Discipline system. This system teaches two basic concepts: Certain behaviors are undesirable and should be avoided and other behaviors are desirable and should be repeated.


All teachers and staff at Miss Fran's Early Learning Center have been selected for their expertise and enthusiasm in teaching young children.

A long-term, stable staff of highly trained teachers who undergo continuing professional development through ongoing education training.

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Our commitment to each child and family in our community:

Miss Fran's Early Learning Center program uses developmentally appropriate practices to provide a safe, supportive and nurturing environment where children develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.

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