Miss Fran's Early Learning Center operates Monday - Friday (7:30am - 6:00pm)Posted on June 20, 2016

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Rowland Reading Program “Super Kids”Posted on June 20, 2016

The daily schedule and curriculum are structured with a centered and thematic approach to learning and utilizes The Rowland Reading Program “Super Kids” for VPK Children.

Registration is Now Offered OnlinePosted on June 20, 2016

In just a few easy steps, parents can sign-up their child for the upcoming summer and fall programs.

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Early Learning Center Resources for Parents and Children.

Comprehensive Web Tool Kit for Parents

How to help your child succeed in school and resources that can help. The Tool Kit for Parents gives you access to all government forms, recommended books, children game sites, etc... Read More

Early Learning Center - Read about our "Live" Philosophy.

As with life, our education system consists of class and school rules, consequences and positive reinforcement.

Early Learning Center - Read about our "Love" Philosophy.

We believe that there is no required age for developing in your children a love for learning.

Early Learning Center - Read about our "Laugh" Philosophy.

We know the importance of play for learning, but humor also makes great contributions to childrens' development.


Miss Fran's Early Learning Center in Boca Raton offers the
Best quality education for your 3 to 5 Year Old.

Finding the right childcare facility is a big decision -- you need to choose one that feels just right for you and your child. We invite you to come and explore our facilities anytime. There's never an obligation. The early years are the most critical in determining your child's future academics and life success. Miss Fran's Early Learning Center continues to make early learning a priority and a commitment in accomplishing its mission. The Early Learning Center is proud to participate in the VPK program. You can obtain more information about this process on our VPK Program Page.

With very reasonable Program Fees and great Parent Testimonials - your decision will be an easy one.

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